Session One

Making the measure
- using the equipment
- identifying the measurement
- eliminating variability
Cross-curricula opportunities

Data cards

Music ideas

questions for 2009 2009questionsc@s.doc
Making measures.doc

teacher data cards teacherdatacards.doc
census year level data cards cardsyr5-7_2005.doc; Cardsyr8-10_2005.doc
excel spreadsheet of above datacards2005.XLS
PPDAC writing frame PPDACwritingframeL5.doc
Dot plot sheets blank_dot_height.doc
Analysis writing detail analysisconcdetail.doc (updated 11/6/8)
Analysis graph/statistics 2005 data analysisdata2005.doc

musicsurvey.doc; musictop40annual.doc; brainstormmusic.doc;
top40graphgrid.doc; wrting frameppdacL4.doc
Link to NZ Top 40 site
Session Two
Sleeping sheep
Workshop plan workshopplan2.doc
Lesson plan sleepingsheeplessonplan.doc (updated 11/6/8)
Information sheet for website instructionsheetsheep.doc
PPDAC sheet sheepwriteup.doc
Collation sheet sheepdatacollation.doc
Graph sheet sheepgraphpaper.doc
Sheep Tranquilizes sheep - average of five
Session Three
Growing Scatterplots
Lesson plan growingscatter.doc
Excel spreadsheet year9data2005.xls (updated 11/6/8)
Scatterplot grid scatterplotgrid.doc

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