Useful links for maths and stats teachersStatistics
Censusatschool online census for students including many teaching resources
Statistics teacher resources housed at the University of Auckland Statistics Department
online survey generator
make up your own online survey for use with your class
Gapminder including Hans Rosling TED presentations 2006 and 2007
Comparing populations on Census at School site
Informal inference Chris Wild's talk at AMA 14 June
A guide to good survey design - pdf of this book produced by Statistics New Zealand
Data and Story Library online library of datafiles and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistics methods.
Chance News reviews current issues in the news that use probability or statistical concepts.
Some Titanic Data nice activity that requires students to explore patterns in the summarised data and predict what the incident was that the data came from.

Wolfgram Maths extensive maths resource check it out
word searches for maths
Size of the universe very cool comparison of sizes from very very little to very very large
Unit circle applet nice applet using the unit circle
NZMaths NZMaths website contains links to the numeracy project, curriculum units for teachers, digital learning objects

NZAMTNew Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers
NZAMT10 resources electronic resources from the Auckland Conference 2007
MathsReach Mathematics is often seen as being out of the reach of the everyday world. This project offers insights into the lives of those funny creatures called mathematicians doing real life mathematics. We hope the videos and other resources will inspire you to see that mathematics can open doors to all sorts of walks of life.
Origami on NZAMT
Futureintech - Coordinated by a team of regional Facilitators, young professionals in a range of industries volunteer as Futureintech Ambassadors, supporting the maths, science and technology curriculum by working with students on projects, describing their jobs or offering career advice.
The Mathematical Thinking Classroom Assessment Techniques (Math CATs) are designed to promote and assess thinking skills in mathematics.Mathematics Imagery
Maths Centre Mahobe resources, some free, otherwise videos etc.

AssessmentNEW improved MATHS page at NZQA Check it out!
TKI Internal maths tasks internal achievement standard assessment tasks on TKI
Exclusion list NZQA website link for the exclusion list for all subjects
Studyit Useful site for maths students - NCEA related