Relative risk

2.12 RELATIVE RISK notes

2.12 RELATIVE RISK worksheet


Statistics L4-6 workshops 2008 2009
Statistics L6-7 workshops 2009
Saturday morning workshops 2008 (Term 2) 2009 (Term 2)
HOD day workshops 2008 2009
Statistical literacy 2008 2010
Sharleen Forbes keynote 2009
Probability 2009
Wellington Maths Association Wellington Maths Association Curriculum Evenings

CENSUS AT SCHOOL get your students to do online

Register here online survey for Year 5 - 13 students
Teachers information pack Schools registered/ participated in survey


Informal inferential reasoning
NZAMT 11 Statistics workshops - Pip's ones
Tier Two Development material
CensusAtSchool Development material

Two free resources are available to help statistics teaching in New Zealand schools.
The first, GenStat for Teaching and Learning (GTL),is software to be installed using the website
The second, case study videos, data and GTL lessons, can be located on the website

These resources relate to Level 8 of the Mathematics and Statistics learning area of the NZ Curriculum but may be used earlier. GTL has been trialled successfully at Otago Girls' High School. A Professional Development session in Dunedin has been recorded and is available. The software can be taken home for free use.
A download and license for the software may be obtained as follows:
(i) Contact VSN International at their website above and apply for a download; (ii)VSN International will send a token by email for downloading GTL with a 30 day license;
(iii) If you adopt the software, VSN will email a EULA for signature; (iv)Once VSN receive a signed EULA they will email a token to the IT co-ordinator at your school along with the download and a license key based on our academic year.
The University of Otago website above has
(i) six videos introducing GTL recorded at a PD workshop in Dunedin; (ii) screen shots of GTL lessons at the workshop for support; (iii)nineteen case study videos with data sets for projects; (iv)GTL lessons for the case study videos.

Useful statistics websites

Censusatschool online census for students including many teaching resources
NZStatsEdn wikispace various activities around new curriculum - this is a site for trial material
Statistics teacher resources housed at the University of Auckland Statistics Department
Statistics NZ - schools corner
Statistics Videos at Otago University - great contexts for secondary statistics
AMA Statistics Days
Online survey generator make up your own online survey for use with your class
Statistics on NZMaths statistics teaching units on NZmaths website
NZSA New Zealand Statistics Association Education Committee page
Gapminder including Hans Rosling TED presentations 2006 and 2007
Informal inference Chris Wild's talks on informal inference
A guide to good survey design - pdf of this book produced by Statistics New Zealand
Infoshare at Stats NZ
shoe size conversions
Data and Story Library online library of datafiles and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistics methods.
Chance News reviews current issues in the news that use probability or statistical concepts.
American Statistics Association datasets
Hypothetical Canadian Village statvillage
Information about heights (wikipedia)

Reaction times

Sheep Tranquilizes sheep - average of five
Frogs Zap the flies
Time to think four different types of reactions - gives a graph and data as well as mean and std dev

Sources of data

New Zealand Top 40 music charts - this site has the NZ top 40 single, album, top 10 music compilation, music DVD and radio airplay charts. Also includes annual charts for albums and singles. Recent weekly Top 40 charts are downloadable in pdf format. These can make useful data sets.