This page collects the ideas from the writing workshops together.

If you have any more ideas for tasks, or completed tasks, and are willing to share them then please email them to

This is the ppt from Anne Lawrence which outlines the links between the Solo Taxonomy and NCEA.

SOLO and ach stds[1].pptx

The documents below provide possible learning experiences or assessment tasks for the realigned standards.
They have not been moderated, but are the result of collaborations between Auckland teachers.

AS 1.1 Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems
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Its your Party.docx
1.1 sports team party#4.doc
Dn TC 1.1 assessment 2 School Ball.pdf
1.1 Task Part Time Job.docx
1.1 Getting away on holiday v 3.doc
1.1 Getting Away on holiday - answers v3.xls

AS 1.4 Apply linear algebra in solving problems
Computer repair.docx

1.4 Linear Algrbra.docx

AS 1.5 Apply measurement in solving problems
AS 1.5 perfume.doc

AS 1.7 Use right angled triangles in solving measurement problems
How tall is tall.doc
Skate ramp 2 teachers copy.docx
Skate ramp 2 Student task.docx
skate ramp 2 marking guide.docx

A.S 1.13 Investigate a situation involving elements of chance
This invesitagtion (chainsaws) is a nice idea but does not meet the standard as it involves a simulation. Simulations are now at level 7 of the curriculum (NCEA Level 2). It could be adapted to meet the standard by removing the simulation and just investigate the throwing of six dice, in which case it becomes very similar to the webtask v B.
When creating tasks for this standard we need to think of practical probabilities (eg the basketball task) or theoretical distributions (eg throwing dice, coins, picking playing cards, random number generators etc.