Number and Algebra Workshop 2008

Session 1 - Pip Arnold - unpacking the AO's
AO's unpacking link here
Key Competencies handout KC in maths_Jun08.pdf
Books referred to: Family Maths, available through the Family Maths Trust
Activities to enhance learning in maths, Maths and learning through language, both available through Kohia Teachers Centre.

Session 2 - Louise Addison - Fractions and algebraic generalisation
Fractions powerpoint Fractions.ppt
Powerpoint summary sheet Views of Fractions.doc
Fractions strips Fraction Strips no gaps.doc
Effective Pedagogy sheets effective pedagogy.doc
Algebraic Generalisation sheets Algebra Generalisation.doc
Decimal conversion task Decimats.doc
Number Lines Number Lines.xls
Fraction AO's Fraction AO's.doc

Other things from AMA sessions:
Second tier material link is here
Number and Algebra old and new objectives Number and Algebra.doc
Finding formulas Finding formulas.doc
Strategic Solving Strategic Solving.doc
Powerpoint AMA Number and Algebra.ppt

Session 3 - Jeanette Saunders - generalisation
Book referred to Routes to the Roots of Algebra by John Mason et al, Published by the Open University 1985.
Chris Linsall article link
Draft Numeracy Book 10 on algebra link
Language activity to come...