Pip attended two conferences in Monterrey - Mexico and one in Los Angeles - USA.

1. Joint ICMI/IASE study 30 June to 4 July
Paper being presented - click on proceedings, sessions and papers, topic 4, session 4.2 and scroll down
Developing new statistical content knowledge with secondary school mathematics teachers.

Website to check out: smart centre at Durham University - this link takes you to one of the activities on sexually transmitted diseases
The names of the variables can be moved to another position. The pointer can be moved along the years and diseases.
Census at School Canada

2. ICME 11 - International Congress on Mathematics Education 6 - 13 July
Paper being presented - What about the P in the PPDAC cycle? An initial look at posing questions for statistical investigation.
Websites from ICME conference

3. Census at School workshop 28 - 31 July

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