Mathematics Day 27 November 2009

AMA Mathematics Day 2009

Mike Thomas - Understanding the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
AMA calculus day 2009.ppt
AMA0 all negative.ggb
AMA1 Antidifferentiation.ggb

AMA2 Integration by area.ggbAMA3 loweruppersum(2).ggb
AMA4 FTC(i).ggb
AMA5 Integration ln(x).ggb
Please note - if you are interested in being involved in a research project involving these and similar geogebra files, please email Mike Thomas at <>

David Barton <> - Electronic resources in the Yr 9 classroom/13 Standards for Yr 11

Alpha Maths TR, new Gamma etc.ppt

Patrick McEntee <> - 2009 NZAMT Bevan Werry Speaker - City of Sales presentation
City of Sales Powerpoint.pptx