Key Competencies resources

Key Competencies.doc
KC A3.doc
KC Posters.doc
KC in maths.doc
Ranking the KCs.xls
KC Cards.doc


Maths Vocab.doc
Ways of explaining in maths.xls
What to do when you get stuck.doc
Year 11 Thought Provokers.doc
Same same but different….doc

Station reflection cards stationsquestions.doc
Station description cards Station Cards.doc
Station 1: Development band activities: simulations Year 10
simulations part one.doc; SIMULATIONS Part Two.doc; SIMULATIONS Part Three.doc
Station 2: Matching activities
Level 5 Trigonometry tasks: Worksheet 6-5.doc; Worksheet 6-6.doc; Worksheet 6-7.doc; Worksheet 6-8.doc
Level 7 Algebra tasks: Cooperative Mathematics Level 7 - Robin McIntyre
Station 3: Six bit problems
Get it together - EQUALS
Station 4: Math for girls and other problem solvers - EQUALS
Number systems around the world.xls
Estimation Challenge ICT.xls
Shape Scavenger Hunt.doc

Additional tasks:
Working like a mathematician and Vitruvian Man
Working like a mathematician.ppt
Working Like a Mathematician flow chart.xls
Vitruvian Man - Da Vinci.doc

Exploring Old Faithful - multiple representations
Old Faithful.xls
I notice I wonder.doc

Other stuff you might like:
Some creative thinking maths tasks: Creative Tasks.xls
Mathematician thinking posters HOM Mathematician posters.doc