HOD and Management Unit Holders in Mathematics Day

Plenary 1: Guest Speaker Michael Loretz

Instructions for Importing to Fathom from KAMAR.pdf MHSNamesRemoved.ftm Fathom Key Curriculum Press

Workshop 1:

(a) Pip Arnold – link to Anthony Harradine's koala activity
(b) Glenda Anthony - Teaching and learning fractions
(c) Suzanne Kerr - Incorporating the thinking competency into maths lessons skerrthinking.doc

Workshop 2:

(a) Louise Addison - Thinking about effective pedagogy in mathematics
(b) Peter Hughes – Symbols, words and meanings Combined 1.7.rtf Combined 1.7 ans.rtf
(c) Lauris Crook - Integrating the key competencies into management documents. Ranking the KCs.xls
(d) Vaughan Mitchell and Gavin Hunter- New to HODing???

Plenary 2: Guest Speaker Glenda Anthony BES Mathematics

Workshop 3:

(a) Anne Blundell - Taking statistics beyond the maths classroom
(b) Mark Philips - Life after head of department: One person’s view.
(c) Phil Doyle - Integrating our mathematics teaching with language learning
(d) Pip Arnold - unpacking the AOs; curriculum documents