Electronic resources from HOD day HOD day 2008

Rhona's realignment presentation June2009.ppt
Hooked on thinking website

Louise's networking presentation
Link to Middle leadership resource here

Pip's questions session - statistics investigations
Examples of questions for sorting questionexamples.doc
Further student question examples studentquestions.doc
Providing supporting information for question posing statisticsexample.doc
Powerpoint used in workshop GRID2008.ppt

Mike Thomas
powerpoint HOD day 2009.ppt
geogebra document second b CAP attempt.ggb

Louise Addison - Probability
Powerpoint Probability.ppt
handout HOD Probability handout.doc
hospital problem Hospital Problem frequencies.xls
Blink wink satre Blink, wink, stare.xls
Families 1 Family problem.xls
Families 2 Family problem 2.xls
Dice Dice sum.xls
Konold and Kazak Article here
Voicethread here

Louise Addison - Geogebra
Download geogebra here
Go here to view / share geogebra resources related to the NZ curriulcum
Powerpoint Geogebra AMA HOD Day 2009.ppt
Can you Can you.doc
Explain it Explain it.ggb
Key ideas of it Key ideas of it.ggb
Connect it Connect it.ggb
Look at it another way Look at it another way.ggb
Lesson plans Lesson Plans.doc
Voicethread here
Conics - Parabolas Conic Parabola.ggb
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.ggb
Complex Numbers Adding complex numbers.ggb
Trig Unit circle Unit circle trig functions.ggb
Sample variation Variation due to sample size.ggb

Phil Doyle
powerpoint HOD day 2009.ppt
handouts Handouts HOD day.doc
Jennifer Garvey Berger NZCER video here
giveonegetone strategy give one get one.doc
nagotiation strategy
Ministry of Education Curriculum online website Support for secondary middle managers