Mathematics and Statistics Learning Area

All mathematics and statistics achievement objectives Mathematics and statistic.doc
Level 1-8 maths and stats achievement objectives sorted into a table by strand mascurrbystrand.doc (updated 20/6/8)
Key competencies in mathematics and statistics KC in maths_Jun08.pdf
Draft unpacking of AOs click on the link and this will take you to the page where you can download ones that are already completed, or contribute by taking one that is not completed, and working on it and sending it to Jim Hogan

Curriculum resources for middle managers on TKI

'Front end' resources

Vision / Values / Principles / KC's / Effective Pedagogy New curriculum front end.doc
Effective Pedagogy effective pedagogy.doc
Values Posters Values.doc
Making connections Connecting.doc

Key Competencies resources

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Other stuff you might like:
Some creative thinking maths tasks: Creative Tasks.xls
Mathematician thinking posters HOM Mathematician posters.doc