Here are the thoughts and the ideas from the first workshop on 7th September 2010. Thanks for all who attended.

Constructing learning experiences and tasks.

  • The old externals and resources from Kohia etc provide possible starting points, using the Excellence questions.
  • Scaffolding, whilst appealing, tends to make Merit difficult and we have tried to avoid it.
  • Tasks could start with a series of short sentences which invite students to make calculations. If they accepted the invitations then Achieved would be near.
  • Merit could be demonstrated by completing a solution to the problem posed together with either correct mathematical statements or a solution which is related back to the context.
  • Merit requires the students to solve the problem through a series of connected calculations and does not require harder calculations.
  • Excellence can be invited by posing "What Ifs..." questions that invite students to explore possible changes in the problem. For example a change in GST.

These are our thoughts. They felt comfortable to us and are as good as we can do for the moment.

We started on four tasks which might be of use for preparing or assessing students. They are very much in development mode and are open to anyone to trial, comment and suggest improvements. Literacy issues are particularly intriguing. Anyone is very welcome to download them, try them out, and feedback to Neil, or Phil.


They will appear here as they are developed. The group is meeting again at 3.30 p.m. on Tuesday 26th October to refine the tasks in the light of trials with students, and to write schedules based on student work.

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